Drone Attack On Iran

Of course we aren’t provided with non-political details, so I can only speculate However, after watching so many of Trumps knee-jerk reactions my first question is: WAS THIS THE ONLY OPTION? Or was he creating a distraction during his impeachment?

I was a toddler during World War II, registered for the draft and opted to enlist shortly after Korea. I served active duty during much of Vietnam, Suez Canal Crisis, Cuban Missile Crisis, Dominican Republic Crisis. All as an aircraft maintainer, not at any command level.

The Night the Sheriff Came Calling

I’m home on furlough, and still up reading when Clovis Civils, the Bates County Sheriff, raps on the door. “Is your grandfather still up?” he shouts through the glass.

“I’ll see.” I said, letting Clovis in as Grandpa emerges from his bedroom, pulling on his trousers and blinking in the living room light.

“Fred, would you ride down to the Woodfin Cemetery with me?” the sheriff asked.

“Of course, what’s up, Clovis?” Grandpa asked, heading for his bedroom to fetch his shotgun.

“It’s been reported that someone is calling for help from the cemetery. I thought I’d be okay to handle this alone, but during my twenty miles ride I grew uneasy. 

Without asking, I hopped into the back seat of the 1957 Ford squad car and rode there with them. Clovis parked his car between the gate posts and we got out. We were met with silence. The cemetery was a quiet as a…graveyard..

Clovis slowly swung his 5-cell in an arc, illuminating the headstones. Nothing. No movement. Not a sound.


There was no response. No movement. No sounds. Nothing. 

After a minute or two Grandpa asked Clovis to shine his light up into the elm trees. The beam illuminated a half dozen peacocks perched in the upper limbs. They stirred the moment the light hit them. One cried out HEEEELLLP. Then another chimed in. As if they were following the directions of an orchestra conductor, they were all soon crying in unison, the sound of their voices carrying a great distance, perhaps a mile..

“It’s those peafowl. They must have wandered down here and decided to stay the night. Something disturbed them. Probably an owl resenting someone infringing. They are territorial, you know. That’s what triggered a phone call,” explained Grandpa.

“Makes sense,” replied Clovis.

He dropped us off and then he headed back to town.

The Tunnels of Cu Chi

Our local library i probably the best bargain in town, the only place where I receive more than I give. I usually visit it once each week, not only to borrow books, but to explore the overflow room. Once in awhile I find a $15 dollar book for a quarter. Such a bargain.

Not long ago, found a quarter book: The Tunnels of Cu Chi, a story of the “Tunnel Rats”, the brave individuals who conducted warfare in confines too small to turn around. It also contains a lot of history – names and dates that enable me to reflect on where I was and what I was doing.

One often questions the reliability of such nonfiction. But I take on faith what the authors, Tom Mangold and John Penycate have published.

It’s a good read