Whipped (Flash Fiction)


Dan and John both looked whipped as I entered the motel office.

“This lady wants ninety dollars,” Dan whined.

“Ma’am, we’re three old guys tryin; to spread Joe’s ashes at Apache Creek,” I said, holding up a quart jar of ashes. “Joe’s sister is coming from Vegas in the mornin’, John rode a motorcycle from Oregon, Dan came from Show Low, and I just got here from Dallas. Can you give us a discount?”

“Well, seventy dollars?”

“Done!” I said, handing her five twentys.”

“How’d you do that?” asked Dan.

“Ya gotta ask,” I said.

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An exciting Mail Art call

Over on the International Union of Mail Artists’ (IUOMA) website, a mail art “call” has recently been posted…

(a call is basically an invitation to mail artists to participate in making and sending mail art to a provided address, for use in a specific exhibition, project, thesis presentation, etcetera. Often there are rules, such as size, or medium, or a theme for the mail art project…)

The call that caught my attention tonight was from one IUOMA member who is “Helping to Start a Permanent exhibition on the most remote and isolated Island on the planet : TRISTAN DA CUNHA”

What a MARVELOUS place to send mail art! Just look at the ADDRESS we all get to use:

Post Office & Philatelic Bureau
Edinburgh of the Seven Seas,
Tristan da Cunha,
South Atlantic Ocean

Have you ever sent mail to a dreamier address than this? Imagine, not even…

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Shutdown Turned Showdown

Nancy would not allow Trump to bully her. And he finally blinked.

We all heard the number of people affected as 80,000. I don’t remember anyone coming up with a family number – kids, parents, spouses, those relying on each of the 80,000. How many would be, a half-million?

There should be a means for tossing out someone who has so little regard for others.

How To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly In An Emergency?


How To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly In An Emergency?

What is high blood pressure (hypertension)?

There is a force when blood pumps from the heart into the arteries, this force is generated by the contraction of the heart and are simply called blood pressure. This condition is known as hypertension. Arteries are the vessels that distribute blood from the heart to all the tissues and organs of the body. Normal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mm Hg.

Hypertension is also known as “Silent Killer”. It is because people don’t find any symptoms as late as there’s damage to the heart.

Hypertensive Emergency

When the blood pressure spikes very high, the blood moves through the arteries more forcefully. This force can damage the blood vessels or other…

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Spirit of Freedom

Dedicated to Preserving the Memory and Legacy of the Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949

Until the early 21st Century the Berlin Airlift meant little more than a historical event spanning 1948 and 1949, when I was about eleven years of age. The significance of this was brought to my attention during an Air Force reunion at Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico. One of the last remaining aircraft that participated, C-54E, tail number 44-9144, aka Spirit of Freedom flew from New Jersey to partake in our celebration.

Many significant things occurred during that celebration, but the one event that remains most prominent for me was when one engine developed a problem – two jugs (cylinders) blew out. Reciprocal engines were fading into the background, had been for a decade., complicating any chance of repair without calling someone from the mainland. However, two aging aircraft maintaineers, reciprocal mechanics, were among the reunion attendees.

These mechanics had served at Ramey during the ’50s and ’60s during the pesence of the 50th Bomb Wing – B-36 bombers (six reciprocal engines and four jets).

The US Coast Guard, who now occupies the Ramey AFB hangars, scared up the necessary of parts and tools for the engine repairs. And the Spririt of Freedom was only a day late in beginning its journey back to New Jersey.

Below are two photos that reflect the significance of the Berlin Air Lift.

One of the most positive stories I’ve ever heard, or seen, is in the following video – Tom Brokaw with Gail Halvorsen, the Candy Bomber:


Many of the details featured in this blog were gleaned from from the website: <Spirit of Freedom, the plane>

Details for t


Toby is a crop duster. Skimming over fields applying chemicals that farmers require is an everyday event for him. Fact is, many farmers object to paying his asking price if they don’t see signs of their crop lodged in his landing gear.

His reputation precedes him. He has no problem qualifying for the annual air race scheduled to occur on the second day of the week-long Ashley County Fair. Because the country has no airport, fair commissioners have chosen the city water tower as one turning point and Alex Jacobs’s silo as the other.

The morning of the race Toby gives his World War Two trainer, a Stearman bi-plane a thorough inspection. Then he tops off the fuel in his yellow beast and heads for the fairgrounds, arriving an hour early to allow time for check-in and final instructions.

And then they are off. Toby, a World War One fighter pilot has logged many combat hours in fragile Jenny aircraft, chalking fifteen kills. Competing with these farm boy wannabes is no contest, so after he is certain of his win he decides to flaunt his flying skills

Having the sky to himself, he begins a series of loops. Near the top of his second loop the engine stalls. Forward motion slows and then stops. Toby’s in trouble as his Stearman falls over backwards and begins an uncontrolled downward spiral. Most pilots try everything they know to regain control. Often, these efforts are fatal mistakes that take them into the ground. Given enough altitude, these old bi-planes will usually recover on its own – if he has enough altitude at the outset and the pilot can keep his cool.

Toby, having survived several close calls during combat situations has learned, in spite of his gut feeling, to set the stick free and keep his feet off the pedals. Prepared or not, he’s facing another challenge today.

There is no engine noise to drown out the wind screaming through the wires and he’s growing more tense by the second as he recognizes some of the upturned faces. Still, he grips the seat cushion rather than the stick, and waits while the grassy meadow rushes at him. Was I high enough? He isn’t sure and he’s uttering a silent prayer when the wires change their tone. A  dozen laws of physics come into play the old Stearman morphes itself into a manageable aircraft. Grabbing the stick, he eases it toward the cushion. He’s very close to the ground – too close – but a miss is as good as a mile. Lining up with the water tower, Toby brings his yellow beast in on a final approach and then makes a perfect dead-stick landing. Climbing out on the wing, he swings down to the ground and waves to the spectators. These cheering fools think this is all part of a hair-raising stunt. Only Toby is aware of the pounding in his chest.