The screahing cell phone awakened us Saturday morning 0245. While I read the message advising us to take cover NOW, the Georgia Pacific Storm Horns started. Stepping outside the rain was so intense I thought at first it was fog.

We survived without an damage or loss of live.

After daylight our apartment manage called to see if we were okay. Then she went on to explain her house was damaged, her son’s carport was gone, and the roof had blown off from the nearby church. The preacher’s house was destroyed. The power company is in the process of replacing about 125 poles in Ashley County.

Power is off. Some folks won’t have power restored for a week. But there is good news.

Our local supermarket, Brookshires, made to trips to the work areas with food and drinks for the utility workers and cleanup crews.

Today, I thanked the Brookshires manager for the kindness. He said it was no big deal. The store was only doing it’s part.

I told him it was a very big deal to those he served.

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