The Biscuit Record

I think it may have been 1962 when I was on leave visiting my parents in Oregon. They were at work and I was lounging around waiting for them when my cousin, Joan, and family arrived from North Carolina. She starting going through the cupboards until she found the makings for biscuits.

“I’ll go to the supeermarket for a loaf of bread, if you want,” I suggested.

“Oh no, that would ruin muy record,” she said, all the time preparing to roll out the dough.

“What record is that?”

“I’ve madebisuits for Tom three times each day for forty years,” she explained.

QNC, the CW Journal

In the days before the Internet I published a small radio magazine by this name. It began as a Morse code journal, but eventually covered amateur radio in general. It was generated on an old DOS XT machine, printed at Kinko’s, and mailed hardcopy to Europe, Africa, Australia, Mexico, and most states in North America. A host of talented people made this possible with their stories, photos, illustrations, and encouragement, each a licensed amateur radio operator in their own respective country.

One man, a Minnesotian often contributed, sending his submission in an envelope decorated with his fine illustrations.

Nosey Questions:

A friend asked these questions on Facebook. Thought I’d share them with you. Here are my answers. To play along, copy them and change the answers to your own. Please publish a link to your answers in comments below:

1.  Do you like mustard? Yes
2. Choice of carbonated drink? Coke
3. Do you own a gun? No
4. Whiskey, Tequilla, Rum or Vodka? Rum
5. Hot dogs or Cheeseburgers? Both
6. Favorite Type Of Food? Meat and Potatoes
7. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes
8. What do you drink in the mornings? Water and the Coffee
9. Can you do a 100 Pushups? No
10. Summer, Winter, spring or fall?? Summer, Spring, Fall
11. Favorite hobby? Ham Radio Writing
12. Tattoos? No
13. Do you wear glasses? Yes. For everything
14. Phobia? Not being able to breathe
15. Nickname? Hey
16. Three drinks you drink? Water, Decaf Coffee
17. Biggest Downfall? Where should I Start?
18. Rain or Snow? Rain
19. Piercings? No
21. Kids? 8 stepkids
22. Favorite color? Green
23. Favorite age? 82
24. Can you whistle? No
25. Where were you born? Missouri
26. Brothers? No

28. Surgeries? 5
29. Shower or Bath? Shower
30. Like gambling? No
32. Broken bones? Yes
33. How many tv’s in your house? 0
34. Worst pain in your life? My wife’s Alzheimer
35. Do you like to dance? No
36. Are your parents still alive? No
37. Do you like to go camping? No.
Please play along! These are fun to do and fun to read.
Copy, paste, change the answer!!


During the last quarter of 1956 I was enrolled in an air force tech school in Mississippi. It was there that I met Leo, a New Yorker. We became friends. In mid-1957 we both graduated. He was assigned as a Nevada mountain top early warning system maintainer. I went to South Carolina as an aircraft maintainer. And I didn’t see nor hear from him again – until the mid-1990s.

It was a chance meeting half a continent away from our first encounter. I was a writer with a manuscript. He was a publisher running a small, backroom press by night, an ordained ministerday, or so he claimed, with a wooden cross that hung from a heavy chain. Perhaps he was, but more likely a backslider. Nonetheless, he was a friend for what he was, not what he could be.

Last night I dreamed I was in a meeting that was attended by a large number of faceless people, faceless except for Leo. As the meeting was about to get underway, the person in charge pointed and asked Leo if he would lead us in prayer.

“Oh course,” Leo replied. And he began by blessing everything under the sun. I was trying to figure out what this prayer was all about when something awakened me. 

And I shall never know the outcome.

Attempted Unauthorized Purchase

This week I received an email notice that someone used my Apple account to purchase a cell phone. The email was seeking my password for authorization and money. Since I’ve not activated my iTunes account I deleted the notice.

However, this experience has certainly caused me to reevaluate my account with Amazon and other online purchasing sources that seem so convenient.


The screahing cell phone awakened us Saturday morning 0245. While I read the message advising us to take cover NOW, the Georgia Pacific Storm Horns started. Stepping outside the rain was so intense I thought at first it was fog.

We survived without an damage or loss of live.

After daylight our apartment manage called to see if we were okay. Then she went on to explain her house was damaged, her son’s carport was gone, and the roof had blown off from the nearby church. The preacher’s house was destroyed. The power company is in the process of replacing about 125 poles in Ashley County.

Power is off. Some folks won’t have power restored for a week. But there is good news.

Our local supermarket, Brookshires, made to trips to the work areas with food and drinks for the utility workers and cleanup crews.

Today, I thanked the Brookshires manager for the kindness. He said it was no big deal. The store was only doing it’s part.

I told him it was a very big deal to those he served.